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Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) is a 4 years academic program divided into eight semesters and 126 credit hours designed by Tribhuvan University. It is a blend of management and technology with 60 percent of the course content emphasizing computer programming languages like C and C++ , network and multimedia networking, software engineering, graphics , web technology and JAVA. The remaining 40 percent is based on management and social sciences including sociology, psychology, accounting, finance and economics. It also teaches computer hardware. With completion of the program, graduates can be able to hold the positions that require competitive managerial and IT as well as communicative skills. Today's job market looks for enhanced technical skills and intense familiarity with the use of information technology. Expertise in technology without a sound understanding of the business processes is not of better use. Consequently, demand for education that blends information technology and management has been growing. That's why Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) is invented. It provides an interdisciplinary educational approach to students interested in the applied form of information and communication technology. BIM graduates gain knowledge and skills to develop business information systems, analyze and design databases, develop networks and internet applications and build business process plans through the use of information technology.
  • To prepare IT professionals proficient in the use of computers and computational techniques in order to develop effective information systems to solve real life problems in the organizational milieu.
  • Inculcating the value system for responding to ethical issues in business
  • To develop studentsĀ“ skill in object-oriented software design methods and data management systems.
  • To provide professional training to students by combining information technology with managerial skills.
  • To prepare students to proceed on to post graduate level study in information management within and outside the country.
Evaluation Systems
BIM students are evaluated both by the college and the university. The college assesses the students' performance throughout the semester and the assessment is based on attendance, unit tests, assignments, send up exam, project work and presentation. Such internal evaluation constitutes 40 percent of the final grades while the semester exam conducted by the university at the end of the semester is worth the remaining 60 percent. In order to graduate, all the students are required to successfully complete all 126 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each course.
College Schedule
Day Shift : 10:45 am - 4:15 pm

BIM Fee Structure

Title Fee
Admission (including first semester fee) 1,51,000
Second semester 75,000
Third Semester 75,000
Fourth Semester 50,000
Fifth Semester 50,000
Sixth Semester 50,000
Seventh Semester 50,000
Eighth Semester 50,000
Total 5,51,000