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The college is fully equipped with CCTV, IP camera & entire carpeted classrooms to foster academic and social life of students.

Air-conditioned Classrooms

The college has lavishly furnished, spacious, air-conditioned (AC), well lit and carpeted. There is a provision of multimedia for the presentation in the classroom.


Morgan has a library with well facilitated reference and issue sections separately. It harbors a large number of reference books of different genres together with the textbooks, targeting to different level and interest of the readers like students, teachers and academic researchers. The library has also a number of journals, e-journals & periodicals. The library provides students a peaceful and academic environment. Students can access the library at all times.

Free Wi-Fi

Morgan has free Wi-Fi access to Internet facility in the library which is serviced by qualified and experienced staff. The library remains open during the working days.

Computer Laboratory

Morgan has a fully networked computer laboratory with adequate number of LCD monitor computers providing students access to e-mail, internet as well as offering a full software package including word processing and presentation. Students are encouraged to enrich their learning experience with frequent use of the laboratory.

Power Point Presentation

Teaching is conducted with the use of power point presentation whenever applicable. Students are also encouraged to make presentation using Power Point.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Morgan attempts to impart not only comprehensive knowledge in various fields but also different kinds of extra-curricular activities for all-round personality development of the students. Beside their regular studies, students can participate in various extra-curricular activities.

In order to strengthen knowledge gained through theoretical learning in the classroom, the college facilitates various co-curricular activities which include Science Exhibitions, Mini Research Projects, Leadership Development Trainings, Computer Programming, Workshops, Seminars, Paper Presentation, Career Counseling, Entrepreneurship Enhancement, Personality Development & Public Speaking.

Cultural Programs

The students are encouraged to participate not only in various cultural programs organized by the college but also in local, national and international level competitions organized by various colleges, universities or organizations. The college facilitates students providing training, required instruments, costumes and financial support.


The college has a FIBA standard sized basketball and volleyball courts. It also has TT and badminton court. The additional play ground for other games will be managed as per requirement.

Everyone is welcomed to participate at a level that suits his/her abilities. There are various inter-college competitions but it is possible to get involved if they are more enthusiastic and willing than highly skilled or experienced.

Ample opportunities are available for the students to participate in sports activities. Those interested in sports are also trained by professional coaches.

Morgan scholarships are awarded to the outstanding sportspersons of national and international standards, who come to study and compete from the college.