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Message From Principal


It is mutually an accolade and gratification to hail you all to this awe-inspiring Morgan community. I would like to applaud to all SLC graduates of 2069 consignment. We at Morgan are forever blooming to surpass and heave off greater heights. It’s my enormous hilarity to commence Morgan International College in the heart of Kathmandu. It is ascertained by the prominent educationists of our country to afford the eminence edification. The paramount result and arduous students are the inestimable asserts of Morgan International Collage which intensify the cranium of Morgan.

I have apprehended my trance to confer holistic education in Morgan to rally round the students breed into decently conscientious populace has been ensured to a great degree. My fret for uphold communal, enlightening, sacred, scholarly and corporal facets of the novice has been a signpost for educating the students holistically. The zealous faculty members/staff, homogenized executive and gameness to acclimatize to amends have geared us to convey the quality education to our learners. We’ve accredited the fiery quandary of brain-drain among the youths of our nation. With an inspection to deal with this bitter veracity, we’ve time-honored an academia that truthfully congregates the international standard. We’re buoyant that our endeavor will be a landmark to discharge the country from the problem of brain-drain.

We craft an institution where the students can dig up education and training to formulate them globally proficient. Development of students will be holistic in this institution by imparting them knowledge, skills and ethical values. Moral fitness of the students will go hand in hand with their studies to avoid insolvency in moral values. Physical fitness of students will also get an appropriate attention in this institution and we intend to provide them outdoor and indoor playing facilities with encouragement to participate in sports and cultural events.

Morgan International College possesses the majestic structure and stupendous amenities, perpetuated to renovate the towering objectives of the youths into substantial veracity. Chic structure, well-entilated foundation, sophisticated methodical laboratories; well-resourced, engineered and furnished classrooms unbolt the everlasting creativities and potentialities of the novices to achieve their goals.

Morgan International College is a meeting-place for students across the country and a centre of an academic excellence. Morgan has previously set its distinctiveness among colleges through its outstanding results. We are also equally hopeful for the creative and upstanding suggestions from you that encourage us.

I get hold of a special interest in the wellbeing of all of our students and I cordially dub you to study with us in Morgan. I look forward to meeting you here as my guest. Ultimately, I’d like to eloquence my honest gratefulness to all our well wishers who have contributed their vigorous exertion for the wellness of this academic institution.